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"wonderful fresh ingredients each week with a great variety and exceptional customer service."

x Michelle Perry


"awesome quality, great service, support local 👍win, win"

x Sheryl Palmer


"I have enjoyed getting my Fresh box every week and have enjoyed the variety that is give. The service is above and beyond excellent and I highly recommend the boxes to anyone looking to get fresh veggie and fruit locally. Delivery is also great Thanks Caitlyn for all your hard work. YOU ROCK"

x Dar HB


"I LOVE getting a Fresh Box! Especially this past week. Everything is so fresh and delicious. It really makes snack time with the kids so easy. I’m eating the baby tomatoes like they’re going out of style"

x Tiff Mahaffie


"Received a Fresh Box as a draw winner and I couldn’t be more impressed with the quality of fruits and veggies provided! Our family also opted to pay for some fresh ontario strawberries and we weren’t disappointed! Highly recommend this Fresh Box service!"

x Krista Lynn